Corporate Responsibility

Sampo plc and the whole Sampo Group is aware of its corporate responsibility and all group companies are dedicated to being responsible corporate citizens. Sampo is committed to developing its operations to further economic, social and environmental sustainability as is in the interests of the company and as is expected by its various stakeholders.

Sampo has a long-standing commitment to managing business according to sound business principles. These principles are described in the Sampo Group Code of Conduct and reflected in the way Sampo organizes Corporate Governance, the way people treat each other in the workplace and the way Sampo’s personnel serves customers and deals with other stakeholders. Through its products and services, Sampo Group, for its part, aims at contributing towards the well-being and safety of the society.

Sampo Group’s general governance rests on the idea that Sampo plc, as the parent company of the Group, provides subsidiaries with a framework of general principles within which the parent company expects the subsidiaries to organize and carry out their businesses. These group-level guiding principles set the general tone also for corporate responsibility.

Most of Sampo Group’s practical corporate responsibility work is carried out at the subsidiary level. The logic is clear especially from the social and environmental standing points as that is where the customers are and most of the personnel work and the direct environmental impacts are the most significant. Further, the operations of Sampo plc’s subsidiaries If, Topdanmark and Mandatum Life differ from each other and, therefore, the nature of their corporate responsibility activities also differ to a great extent. The subsidiaries have their own models of corporate responsibility reporting reflecting the special features of their businesses.

However, Sampo has recently begun to build a more concrete approach to managing corporate responsibility on a group-level as well. This is to better answer the needs of the Group’s various stakeholders and to meet the legislative requirements. Therefore in 2017, Sampo continued to develop the non-financial reporting by preparing for the publication of the Group’s first report on non-financial information (Corporate Responsibility Report 2017). Sampo Group will issue the report in accordance with Chapter 3a, Section 5 of the Accounting Act. The report will be separate from the Board of Directors’ Report and be published before the end of June 2018.

Corporate Responsibility at Subsidiaries