Corporate Responsibility at Topdanmark

For Topdanmark, corporate responsibility (CR) goes hand in hand with the company’s core business. Topdanmark’s products and services give the customers financial and social security in case of a claim or when retiring. Thus, Topdanmark makes a positive contribution to the Danish society.

Topdanmark is a participant in the UN Global Compact, supporting the 10 principles concerning human rights, workers’ rights, environment and anti-corruption. These principles are interpreted at Topdanmark in a way that they give value to the business and the society around. Topdanmark also encourages its suppliers to integrate the Global Compact principles into their business with Topdanmark’s CSR Program for Suppliers.

Topdanmark’s CR strategy comprises among others the following:

Customer Relations

Topdanmark works constantly on providing information on prices and insurance coverage to customers in a format that is as easy to comprehend as possible. The goal is that customers should be so satisfied with Topdanmark’s products and services that they wish to recommend the company to others. Customer surveys indicate that 48 per cent of customers are ambassador customers, representing an increase of 2 percentage points compared to 2016.

In 2017, Topdanmark completed a major change and improvement of company’s websites and electronic customer files, making it easier to get an overview of insurance coverage and price, to report a new claim and monitor an ongoing claim. Topdanmark entered also into a partnership with Singularity University Denmark. The goal is to get an even better understanding of how an insurance and pension company should navigate in a changing society.

Responsible Investments

Topdanmark aims to attain the best possible return on investments in relation to risk, but the company also wants to ensure that value creation is responsible and not in violation of the internationally recognized standards and principles or conventions adopted by Denmark – including the UN Global Compact Principles.

In 2017, Topdanmark carried out a regular screening and assessment of the share portfolio for positions with consideration to the UN Global Compact. Furthermore, “Recommendations for active Ownership” launched by the Committee on Corporate Governance were implemented.


Topdanmark provides financial security to its customers through insurance and pension products. However, the consequences of claims are often more than purely financial for the individual customer, for Topdanmark, and for the society in general. Therefore, Topdanmark works on prevention.

Topdanmark launched a pilot project concerning a prevention concept based on online health screening in 2017. Topdanmark has also entered into cooperation with the Centre for Mental Health Promotion, University of Copenhagen, concerning stress reduction. Further, in order to reduce the high number of work-related accidents in agriculture in Denmark, Topdanmark has developed a new service concept of preventive advice for farmers, in cooperation with a technical knowledge and innovation center.

Climate and Environment

Topdanmark reports to the CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project), which is an international environmental reporting initiative, promoting openness and dialogue on the CO2 emissions and climate strategies of businesses. Topdanmark focuses on reduction of CO2, i.e. with a help of solar cell systems and waste sorting. In 2017, Topdanmark’s CO2 emissions were reduced by 6.5 per cent compared to 2016. Out of all waste, 40 per cent of waste was sent to recycling.

Human Rights and Diversity

Topdanmark has focused on increasing the number of women in management positions and has launched a number of activities to support this work since 2012. One example of these activities has been mentor programs for female managers. The latest program, which started in 2015, came to conclusion during 2017. Topdanmark’s goal is that there are at least 40 per cent of both genders, on average, at all management levels. In 2017, the average for female managers was 42 per cent (41).

Support for Humanitarian Efforts

In 2017, Topdanmark contributed with DKK 507,000 in total for Doctors Without Borders (Médecins Sans Frontiéres, MSF) and the Fight Cancer campaign. Topdanmark’s employees also collected 1.5 tons of clothes for a Red Cross campaign, and donated 439 portions of blood during working hours for the Danish blood bank that Topdanmark has supported since 2005.