Topdanmark – Profitable Insurance Business in Denmark

Topdanmark is the second largest non-life insurance company and the sixth largest life insurance company in Denmark.

In non-life insurance, Topdanmark holds a 17 per cent market share in Denmark. Topdanmark focuses on the private, agricultural and SME market, market segments with high frequency but low average claims. Topdanmark has approximately 600,000 non-life insurance customers and the company offers a full range of insurance services.

In life insurance, Topdanmark has a 9 per cent market share in Denmark. Topdanmark serves around 130,000 Danish corporate and private customers. The majority are company pension customers with compulsory pension schemes for the employees.

Topdanmark’s Vision Is to Be Denmark’s Best-run Insurance Company

In order to fulfil the vision of being Denmark’s best-run insurance company, Topdanmark aims continuously to combine new technology, digitalization and automation with competent experience in insurance and risk assessment.

Denmark’s Best-Run Insurance Company

In Topdanmark’s Opinion

  • More value is created by utilizing the economies of scale shared between life and non-life insurance business in Denmark, rather than operating abroad
  • The success criteria for an insurance company are: declining expense ratio, good risk management and strong sales power
  • Digitalization, innovation and utilization of new technology are important means for achieving targets

Topdanmark’s Operational Targets

  • A combined ratio of 91 per cent excluding run-off result
    • The goal for combined ratio is adjusted on the basis of a 10 per cent profit ratio
  • Growth in gross premiums earned is in line with the market level