External Auditor

Ernst & Young Oy
Authorised Public Accountant Firm

Responsible auditor
Kristina Sandin, APA

The total fees paid to the auditor for services rendered and invoiced were EUR 2,438,827. In addition, Ernst & Young Oy were paid fees for non-audit services rendered and invoiced totaling EUR 291,316.

Ernst & Young Oy has carried out the statutory audit of Sampo plc without interruption as of the competive tendering performed in 2002. In accordance with the transitional provisions of Article 41 of Regulation (EU) No 537/2014 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 16 April 2014 on specific requirements regarding statutory audit of public-interest entities and repealing Commission Decision 2005/909/EC, Sampo plc cannot as of 17 June 2023 enter into or renew an audit engagement with Ernst & Young Oy, and has to replace its current statutory auditor in the Annual General Meeting of 2024 at the latest.